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Our privately held limited Partnership is owned by 36 partners. There is a five person Board of Directors. The Board president is Mr. J. Michael Kafes.

The Board President - Mr. J. Michael Kafes

BOARD PRESIDENT, J. Michael Kafes is a financial structured products professional, with an MBA, and 20 years of experience in the field of Mortgage Backed and Asset Backed Securities. Some of his accomplishments include managing and training cash flow modeling teams, interacting with and providing support to the Wall Street clientele of the companies hes worked for, designing the quality control algorithms for the monthly updating of cash flow projection models, creating and supporting a flexible and robust financial reverse engineering platform to facilitate efficient and accurate modeling of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities and Asset Backed Securities.

He has helped Chasen Enterprises grow from 2 professionals in 1996 to over 15 in 2006, when the company was acquired by Markit, a leading global financial information services company with several thousand employees world-wide, where Michael served as Director of Structured Finance through 2011. Michael is currently using his expertise to provide consulting advice for Bloombergs financial products division.

Michael also invests in and serves on the governing boards of multiple privately held companies.

CEO - Mr. Jerry Mayo


Mr. Mayo is former President of GN Netcom, and a former founder and senior executive of Universal Solutions, a leading Lucent Technologies system integrator as well as founder and CEO of Marketshare Telecom, once the exclusive Ericsson distributor for North America. In addition, Mayo was an executive vice president at MCI, WorldCom and SkyTel.

Mr. Mayo has thirty five years of telecommunication leadership experience working in systems integration as manufacturer reseller and enterprise buying decision maker. He has national and international experience in market-building and industry experience in financial services, bio-medical device manufacture, sales, sales management and sales distribution.

Commenting on his decision to join, Mr. Mayo stated, I had a similar role investing in Universal Solutions while I was executive vice president for sales and marketing at MCI WorldCom. As a result of hard work and insight, Universal Solutions enjoyed spectacular growth as a systems integrator, ultimately reaching number 20 on the Inc. 500 in 2001 and number 28 in 2002." (Note: Universal Solutions became one of Avayas four largest resellers prior to being acquired by BlackBox, Inc. in 2005).

"Most recently," Mr. Mayo added, "as president of GN Netcom inc. (GN manufactures Jabra audio IP endpoints and headsets and Beltone hearing aids), we had an opportunity to work in product development with Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Skype and others. Mr. Mayo's franchise development work, performed as a consultant for Dun and Bradstreet, demonstrated the value of building out locally owned but systematically trained consultants as ideal for a nationwide coverage option to these manufacturers. Beyond Mr. Mayo's extensive technology background, his franchise development and consulting experience in recruiting a nationwide network of independent contractor sales executives for AT&T solidified his position as a unique and important partner for the company's future.

Previously, Mr. Mayo also worked as Division Manager for AT&T leveraging Bell Lab technology into market applications for integrated voice response and sales of early voice messaging and deploying email technology in the United States. While leading sales at SkyTel, that company deployed the first nationwide wireless email capabilities in North America. Mr. Mayo officially retired from Alcatel-Lucent effective November 16, 2012.